The Gift

For all you wonderful folks that have been following this blog from the beginning, and know that its owner would not have been here without the precious gift of life, ‘Blood’. Herman (Herman van Bon Photography),you and your wife will always be two special heroes to somebody you may never know. Thank you!

Here it goes again, my once a year big plight for the gift of life. Blood. The festive season is drawing closer and many families are planning trips and vacations. Many of these travelers will be involved in accidents. They may need blood. It could be somebody you love!

The PINSA newsletter has warned patients that plasma stocks is running very low. The long and the short of it is that that the sicker the patient the better the chance of getting your supply. Believe me this is one competition none of us wants to win!

For more than 10 years my Primary Immune Disorder has had a debilitating effect on my normal life. At times, taking me away from my family for weeks due to serious infections.

My life has become so much better, infections are down to a minimum. My lymphoma screen came back completely normal this year and my blood counts are very good. This is due to donors, who have given me an opportunity to fight this illness. These people have given me my life back so that I may return the love that is shown to me so plenty-full in everyday life.

There are young kids in hospitals today with leukemia and many other diseases that requires blood products, to give them a fair fighting chance in this life. This can happen to your child!

There are people who will have big unexpected surgeries. The kind that comes in a heartbeat. This can be you!

There are many more people than you may ever think who needs blood on a regular basis. The need for blood has no age limit, neither does it discriminate. It’s real! But you can help!

So if you are following this blog I hope that you will at least think about donating blood, or if you yourself cannot do so that you will tell somebody about donating blood. Believe me, this gift you so selflessly give will be appreciated for a life time. However long that may be. I am just one little tiny bit of living proof.

Hosja, an apple a day..


You help me fly!