Happiness is a choice

Today I’m sharing with all of you a very personal post in the hope you too will take courage in life’s adversities.

That Wednesday morning began with a rush. The little sleep of the night caught up with me and slow as a snail, I lifted my heavy hand to start doing my make-up. Riaan called to tell me that he was thinking of me, he himself did not have a great night either. Then my mother called asking if I was driving with them? ‘Mom I’ll come on my own, I’m running late here’ A few minutes later she came up the stairs, ‘Can I drive with you?’ Her face did not appear right, her top lip swollen, hanging over the bottom lip. ‘What’s wrong mom?’ ‘I don’t know’ she said, ‘but my lip tingles’
My mind raced added with the intense stress of the last few months, and her distraught face now before me. ‘This can be a stroke!!’ We must go to the doctor first and then we’ll go I firmly told my mom, grabbed my car keys and my mom, put my foot on the gas and left for the doctor’s rooms. Only there whilst locking the car door we realized that Poppy was still in the car. In the big rush I let her get in the car to avoid running her over as I reverse out the driveway. She was most certainly not welcome where we were heading next if ever my mom was fine.
I left my mom there and drove Poppy back home. I held her in my arm as she kept licking the tears streaming down my cheeks, ‘My clever girl!’ Worried half sick and feeling nauseous, I drove back to the doctors rooms. The doctor told me her blood pressure was high but that it was normal for what she was having to endure. He told me that this was most definitely not a stroke but due to severe stress and anxiety. His instructions was to take her back home and get her into bed, but she insisted on seeing my brother first.

Smartly dressed in a back suit the tall dark and handsome man looked straight at us. Nervous, he opened his arms, embraced my mom and started sobbing bitterly. Her legs could barely hold her anymore and I had to take her home and make sure she got into bed. ‘Nats’ our dear friend stayed with my brother and I returned just in time to enter the regional court room. My eyes drifted to a hard-core criminal in hand and ankle chains and then they called his name, my brother’s name. He looked back at us and the sorrow I felt in my heart almost overwhelmed me. Hearing the alleged charges and the fact that he could have done these terrible stuff hurt me very deeply, but at the very same time a love deeper than the cheap thrills some call love, came over me.

A God given grace that far surpasses a happy fleeting feeling. This happiness was love, a hope for the future, a choice, a knowing that we are not alone and that whatever comes next during the trail that we will keep standing. It’s hard and it does hurt, but I choose to be happy and thankful in all circumstances. There is no ‘I in We’ and that is what love is all about. My friends ‘this is the beauty of life and we as a blogging community are a big WE too!


Happiness is a choice